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We’re going to make it 100x easier to build applications, and bring the ability to write software to the next billion people. First, we’re going to make it so developers can build a complete scalable app in an afternoon. That means automatically creating and scaling infrastructure in real-time as developers write code.

The infrastructure piece is where you come in. Most engineering teams wish they had simple, scalable and reliable infrastructure. Often that happens too late, once an operations engineer is hired. We’re building a platform so everyone will have it from the get go. We need you to help build it.

Right now five of us, including Ellen and Paul, work on this fulltime. We also have excellent investors and advisors. We’re hiring an Operations Engineer in San Francisco (maybe you!) to help build this out.


At the beginning, it’ll be our team building as many projects as possible (think of applications similar to Lever, Tinder, Thumbtack, and Classpass). Together, we’ll come up with a set of infrastructure solutions for these use cases. You’ll help choose the right patterns by sharing the implications of early architecture choices, and the impact each choice would have going forward.

Then, we’ll build products and services for early customers. As our customers scale, so will we. We’ll manually figure out the right changes for each customer. When we’re confident in the next set of patterns, we’ll automate the transition. We’ll repeat that process as our customers grow.

To apply, email When you apply, let us know what you love about Ops (and your favorite of the distributed systems you've worked with). We’d also love to hear what you think you think will be the most challenging piece of this, and why you’re interested in solving that problem. You can learn more about how we work here.

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