We’re going to make it 100x easier to build applications, and bring the ability to write software to the next billion people. First, we’re going to make it so developers can build a complete scalable app in an afternoon. That means removing all the annoying things about building software, and creating an amazing development experience.

Right now five of us, including Ellen and Paul, work on this fulltime. We also have excellent investors and advisors. We’re hiring a Web Engineer in San Francisco (maybe you!) to help build this out.

As an engineer on our team, you’ll get to work on problems that impact you when you write software. Plus, we care about difficult and challenging technical problems, and you'll get to work and influence all of them:


At the beginning, we’ll be defining the language, and figuring out how you write code in it. Then we’ll be building applications together (think of things similar to Lever, Tinder, Thumbtack, and Classpass). After that we’ll be building applications and services for actual customers, and continuing to improve the product.

You can apply by emailing When you apply, tell us about your previous work, including the technologies you used. We'd also like to hear what your favorite programming language is (and why). You can learn more about how we work here.

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