We’re going to make it 100x easier to build applications, and bring the ability to write software to the next billion people. First, we’re going to make it so developers can build a complete scalable app in an afternoon. To do that, we need to reimagine the the development experience from the ground up.

No one would say that the current development experience is a “well designed product,” and as our first design hire, that’s where you come in. You’ll get to figure out how we should be writing software. We’re creating a new language, and it won’t look like lines of text in a terminal.

Right now two of us, Ellen and Paul, work on this fulltime. As you can guess from the URL, we haven't announced a name yet. We also have excellent investors and advisors. We’re hiring a Designer in San Francisco (maybe you!) to help build this out.


At the beginning, it’ll be our team building lots of projects on the platform (think of applications similar to Lever, Tinder, Thumbtack, and Classpass). Yes, we can build your side projects! We’ll bring in others to try it out too. You’ll be iterating quickly until the editor makes it substantially faster to write software than the traditional way. Then, we’ll be working with early customers to make sure the language and editor are powerful enough to solve their problems, as well.

To apply, email When you apply, please share examples of your previous work, and tell us what you think the worst part of the software development process is (from your perspective, it may not be about writing code!) You can learn more about how we work here.

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